About us

We are a group from Leipzig that believes that all people who become pregnant unintentionally should have access to safe and legal abortion. We don't want anyone to have to resort to unsafe methods: In Germany, unlike in Poland, an unwanted pregnancy can be terminated with impunity in a doctor's office (Legal Regulations). Our goal is to make this infrastructure accessible to people from Poland as well. For this purpose, we founded the Kumpela group in summer 2017 - if you want to come to Leipzig to have your abortion here, we can accompany you throughout the process. In the course of our work, we have noticed that access to abortion is difficult for many people and therefore we want to support everyone who needs help, including people from Germany or other countries. Our work is currently voluntary and we do not derive any financial benefit from it.


how we can support you

Before your arrival, we can make the appointment with a counseling center and a doctor's office
- if necessary, we offer help in planning your arrival and journey home
- also, we can help you find accommodation or organize free sleeping places offered by our supporters
- if you want, we can accompany you to the appointments and interpret for you.
- we can make appointments for you
- help with clarification of cost coverage/ health insurance
We have no influence on your decision and cannot advise you in this process.